5 Bathroom Designs with Attractive Motifs

Are you making or renovating your bathroom, but are confused about what motifs of bathroom tiles are suitable?

The function of the bathroom now does not only function for bathing or changing clothes. Many architects, interior designers, and sanitary brands that treat the bathroom as a place of primary relaxation, even beyond the living room.
Chevron motifs usually consist of a two-color pattern. In order not to be too crowded when placed in the bathroom, choose a contrasting ceramic grout color to make it look different from the basic color of the ceramic. Ceramics blue, green, or teal can make the bathroom feel more fresh. Psychologically, the three colors provide more relaxation in the room so that it is suitable for the bathroom.
Patterns that resemble fish scales are often seen in Victorian architecture. For those of you who have antique furniture, it can be converted into a sink table. Apply different colors to the walls and floors, so that the bathroom feels cozy and eye catching. Choose pastel colors, so the bathroom design feels soft and comfortable.

For industrial concepts, apply unpolished concrete or cement motifs on walls, floors, and even blend with the sink table. White sanitation products will be seen prominently in the midst of these gray shades.
Marble motif is very suitable for master bathroom. Bathroom design inspiration can refer to five-star hotels that carry luxury and relaxation in the bathroom. Marble motifs are often mounted on the floor and joined to the wall.

Combine terrazzo motifs with hexagon motifs on the walls to provide visual play. Terrazzo motifs look harmonious with white sanitation products.

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