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Interiors That Use Color Blocking To Segment Space

These two unusual interiors, both designed and visualised by LIS design studio, foster a unique style in which color and texture is used to boldly segment space. Color coordinated furniture and colour block wall paint meld together as if one seamless volume. The ‘blocks’ allow small rooms to be broken up into separate uses, like tiny rooms within a room. Tiling is also incorporated to create islands of use, with the same tile design cladding the selected wall and floor areas. Wood flooring and white paintwork bridge the gaps between the defined sections, creating calm neutral breathing space that allows the brighter moments to really stand out.

The first interior we shall tour is an apartment located in Lviv, Ukraine, with a project area of 67.4 square metres. The pastel room decor defines the lounge area with a ghost of pink paintwork that runs parallel with the top of the door jamb – which is coloured in a darker shade of the same hue. A pale sage green strip forms a halo of colour around a sofa of the same colour.

Tiny tiles take over a reading nook, forming light texture and pattern across the lower part of the wall, and making a holding area on the floor for the reading chair. A nearby plant stand matches the red legs of the reading chair and the red grout between the tiles. A white floor reading lamp blends into the light background. The tiles continue up a couple of steps toward a glass door, where white tiles are replaced by green versions exclusively where they sit beneath indoor plants.

Best Kids Playroom Ideas for Every Taste and Space

No matter your home’s size, you can keep your children entertained in their very own playroom. These delightful and stylish solutions will inspire you to create a fun space even adults will love.
This space proves that playrooms can be chic. Created by Tracie Butler Design based in West Hollywood, California the room packs plenty of features for keeping kids busy. The navy blue walls and rustic wood floors are what makes the room feel more sophisticated than juvenile.
A crisp, white basement playroom by New York firm Eisner Design may be the most stylish place for kids ever. At the center of the space is a cloud-soft gym set. The built-in shelving on the right features a kidney-shaped orange lounger. The back wall is for climbing. Afterward, tuckered out kids can kick back in one of the three cocoon hanging chairs.
We adore this treehouse inspired playroom by the interior designers at Thinkterior based in Ashburn, Virginia. The “treehouse” is a favorite spot for sleepovers. The stage area features built-in floor storage. A faux tree adds to the room’s outdoorsy vibe. Not shown in the photo is the rustic home theater and indoor swing.
In a New York beach house by Brooklyn design firm Chango & Company an attic becomes the ultimate playroom. Moroccan floor cushions and dozens of accents pillows lend comfort. The carpeted floor provides a soft space to play. Ceiling mounted swings get little hearts thumping.
Ignite your child’s imagination with this smart idea spotted on the Swedish site, Alvhem Makleri. Black washi tape and a small shelving system turn an untapped corner in a kid’s bedroom into a playhouse. Notice the second shelf? Thanks to a power tool called a router, it is now a tiny toy kitchen.
A small apartment balcony can become an outdoor playroom. This space featured on the Polish décor blog Martelka is outfitted with a teepee. A bathmat adds a little comfort underfoot. A blackboard covering the railing provides a spot to write and draw, plus additional privacy.
This transitional playroom by Dragon Fly Interior Designs out of the Rocky Mountain Region is easy on adult eyes. Beautiful gray cabinetry with a built-in window seat anchors the space. A flirty IKEA Maskros pendant light adds a whimsical touch. Colorful carpet tiles spice up the floor. Pint-size furniture makes the room more inviting to wee ones.

Modern French Country Kitchen Ideas

What exactly is a French country kitchen?

It is a beautifully decorated cooking space that feels both homey and elegant. Think kitchen cabinetry that resembles traditional furniture, fancy oven hoods with crown molding or scalloped edges, and charming rustic accents that feel more Parisian shabby chic than rural.

While your grandmother’s take on French country kitchen style may include ceramic roosters, collectible plates, and toile curtains, these days spaces like these have swapped out purely decorative items for modern features packed with plenty of practical function like vintage-inspired task lighting. To see all of the different components that go into cooking spaces like these behold our favorite modern, French country kitchens.

This timeless French country kitchen by The Refined Group situated in Arizona exudes livable luxury.

First, let’s talk about the contrasting color scheme. It avoids the monotony that comes with single-hued kitchens by pairing crisp white cabinetry with a sage kitchen island and coordinating tile backsplash. Then there’s the classic French inspired range hood, a stunning architectural feature that makes a chic statement. The vintage wood box planter with herbs is a delightful rustic accent that serves a purpose. Lantern style lightings over the island lend a big dose of European flair.

A stone wall adds old-world character to this French country kitchen by Lisa Luby Ryan, an interior designer situated in Dallas, Texas. Another old-look surface that layers on the rustic, European charm is the distressed wood china cabinet on the right, which contains white French country inspired dishware.

Grace Hill Design, based in Wayzata, Minnesota reinvents French country style in this cooking space using neutral colors, natural textures, and decorative accents that remind us of the modern farmhouse look.

Over the kitchen island are three E.F. Chapman Country Industrial Pendants. Covering the marble-topped kitchen island are white shiplap boards. The Candelabra Home Loom Counter Stools are a fresh take on classic French cane chairs. The pièce de résistance in the cooking space is the wood, French-inspired range hood mounted on a wall covered with practical, white subway tiles. Antique brass sconces function as task lighting.

Inspiring and Beautiful Turquoise Rooms

What comes to mind when you think of turquoise? Beautiful Native American jewelry? The ocean where it meets a white sandy beach? Few colors are as playful and versatile as turquoise. Especially when it comes to home design. Depending on how you use it, it can be bold and rich, playful and bright, or soft and subdued. The range of shades that touch into both teal and navy allow for turquoise to work in traditional, contemporary, modern, bohemian and preppy spaces—see what we mean?

The key with turquoise it just to make sure that you stay in charge—make the color work for you, not the other way around.

From statement-making, saturated wall paint to accent pillows, furniture, and tile, there are so many ways to add turquoise elements to any room in your home and strike exactly the vibe you’re hoping for, from energetic and funky to calm and tranquil.

Pictured here is a beautiful room in a St. Louis, Missouri home designed by Amy Studebaker.

The House of Turquoise blog recently featured a dreamy decor theme at Villa Helios, part of Long Bay Beach Club in the beautiful Turks and Caicos. So if this blue hue reminds you of pristine beaches and languid, tropical days, this design approach is perfect for you.

We love the way the designers of Villa Helios incorporated so many of the natural colors of their surroundings into this luxe outdoor space. The washed white stucco and hardwood patio make a cool contrast to deep turquoise cushions and throw pillows.

It’s tempting to stick to neutral colors outdoors (tan, white, black, grey, brown), but with those stunning ocean views so close at hand, in this space turquoise actually is a natural color. Embrace the jewel tones in the world around you and bring them into your design.

What could be a more tranquil and soothing color combination than pale turquoise, white and dove grey? This home in Juno Beach Florida, designed by Blue Ladder Studio, seamlessly brings together all of these colors with elements of shine, texture, softness and gloss throughout the dining and kitchen space.

One of the most outstanding elements of this space is the turquoise seagrass-inspired back wall, which brings to mind visions of a gently waving sea, as well as natural gemstones. Thanks to traditional cabinetry and furniture with clean lines, this stand-out feature looks low-key luxe rather than over-the-top.

In St. Louis, Missouri, Amy Studebaker has designed a study that feels like the inside of a jewelry box. The glossy, deep turquoise walls feel all the more rich and inviting with those oversized green velvet chairs and the oriental rug.

Upon first glance you may not be able to pinpoint exactly why this room feels like it would completely envelop you as soon as you took a seat behind that desk, but the secret is the painted ceiling! With the ceiling painted the same hue as the walls, with no break in the trim, you feel wrapped up and embraced by what’s around you—including the leafy trees just outside the window.

Gorgeous Rooms With Gray Walls

You might be thinking light gray walls sound like a snooze fest. But, we promise, that could not be further from the truth. Sure, gray is a neutral color; however, you may not know it comes in a broad range of beautiful shades in both cool and warm tones. Even if you are not a fan of neutral room colors, light gray walls provide the perfect backdrop for colorful décor and lively wall art. Still not convinced? We want to get you onboard with the hue’s decorating powers. To prove our point the following ideas share how light gray walls can enliven your space.
Interior Design, Julia Goodwin, the blogger behind My Manicured Life painted her living room a cool shade of light gray that resembles Gravity by Valspar Paint. The pale blue-gray works beautifully with white, wood tones, watery shades of green, and dark blue.
Light gray may not seem like the go-to color for a kid’s bathroom. But here a pale shade of greenish gray appears in a child’s space by California based Vidal Design Collaborative. The wall color reminds us of Aregent by Pratt and Lambert. The hue allows the colorful tile on the walls and floors to pop without feeling too busy.
In this sun-drenched space by West Trade Interiors out of Charlotte, North Carolina walls painted an elegant, cool gray shade similar to Winter Sky by Fine Paints of Europe elevate the main living area decorated with casual furnishings.Decor Aid an interior design firm out of New York City added depth to this narrow living room by painting the four walls a very pale shade called Gray Tint, by Benjamin Moore. The paint color adds a hint of gray to the room making it feel instantly modern. Keeping the ceiling bright white makes the small space feel a tad bigger.

13 Ways to Take Advantage of a Sunny Window

A bright, sunny window sets the mood for your whole home. In fact, it might be the sole reason you bought or rented your home: because you pictured yourself lazing in the sunbeam, just like a cat. But deciding exactly what to do with your perfect, sun-filled window can be a challenge. A dedicated reading corner? Lots and lots of plants? All the things? Or maybe you should dedicate the whole space to your actual cats.

Take a deep breath and picture how you want to enjoy your sunny space. And if you’re still struggling for the perfect inspiration, these 13 ideas may help you decide.

Sunny windows are a wonderful addition to their room—but there is one drawback. They’re sunny. Watching television, eating dinner, or even just holding a casual conversation all increase a difficulty level when you’re busy shading your eyes. Tone down the brightness with luxurious gauzy curtains perfectly sized to your window in a neutral shade. White curtains may be the most modern—as seen in this fashion designer slash priest’s German apartment showcased on Organized Home, but any toned-down shade will temper the sun.

Take your terrarium-making hobby to the next level by dangling your homemade creations against the window. (And if you go store-bought, we won’t tell.) Or fill round glass vases with gorgeous sun-seeking succulents to keep them happy and well-fed. Embrace the Perfect Mess filled glass ball planters from the Dollar Tree with dirt, moss, and river rocks to help her plants thrive.

Beautiful Bathtubs Design by BluBleu

Are you making or renovating your bathtubs, but are the motifs of bathtub tiles suitable? The function is for bathing or changing clothes. Many architects, interior designers, and sanitary brands that treat the bathroom as a place of primary relaxation, even beyond the living room.
With the movement of this function, the design of the bathroom is getting more attention for the sake of presenting nuances that are comfortable, relaxed and luxurious. Whatever the size of the area, there are always tricks that can make the bathroom feel spacious and magnificent. The choice of the motif of the bathroom floor contributed significantly in designing the bathroom.

5 Bathroom Designs with Attractive Motifs

Are you making or renovating your bathroom, but are confused about what motifs of bathroom tiles are suitable?

The function of the bathroom now does not only function for bathing or changing clothes. Many architects, interior designers, and sanitary brands that treat the bathroom as a place of primary relaxation, even beyond the living room.
Chevron motifs usually consist of a two-color pattern. In order not to be too crowded when placed in the bathroom, choose a contrasting ceramic grout color to make it look different from the basic color of the ceramic. Ceramics blue, green, or teal can make the bathroom feel more fresh. Psychologically, the three colors provide more relaxation in the room so that it is suitable for the bathroom.
Patterns that resemble fish scales are often seen in Victorian architecture. For those of you who have antique furniture, it can be converted into a sink table. Apply different colors to the walls and floors, so that the bathroom feels cozy and eye catching. Choose pastel colors, so the bathroom design feels soft and comfortable.

For industrial concepts, apply unpolished concrete or cement motifs on walls, floors, and even blend with the sink table. White sanitation products will be seen prominently in the midst of these gray shades.
Marble motif is very suitable for master bathroom. Bathroom design inspiration can refer to five-star hotels that carry luxury and relaxation in the bathroom. Marble motifs are often mounted on the floor and joined to the wall.

Combine terrazzo motifs with hexagon motifs on the walls to provide visual play. Terrazzo motifs look harmonious with white sanitation products.

Interior Design Using Orange & Blue: Tips To Help You Decorate Using Complementary Colors

Feast your eyes on these three juicy orange and blue home interiors, and see the visual impact that a complementary colour scheme can bring. These designs show how to achieve a good balance with hues that sit opposite on the colour wheel – without becoming too strong a palette that could completely overwhelm a space. This collection of room ideas includes orange sofas for your living room, blue kitchen ideas, a blue bathroom, bright accent chairs, colour pop scatter cushions, modern dining sets, and colourful feature walls that would brighten up just about any part of the home. Smooth neutral decor bridges the gap between the stronger shades, whilst beautiful accent pieces add polish.

Impressive Yet Elegant Walk-In Closet Ideas

Walk in closets have always been a symbol of luxury, but the days when a walk in closet exclusively belonged in a mansion are over. We have some of the most functional and beautiful walk in closet ideas to help you create an impeccable, organized dressing area.

If your clothes and accessories are works of art to you, it’s time to display them properly. With some good design choices, you can have (and enjoy) the walk in closet of your dreams. The first thing to decide when considering walk in closet ideas is how to create the most functional space possible.